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Horse with - Colitis
Radionics and Homeopathy success
Cat with - Kidney Failure
Homeopathic Vaccination

Horse with - Colitis 

'I have been using Maria Kirkman to heal my horses for the past two months. I have a yearling filly that we bought at auction who's legs and head swelled beyond belief. My vet thought that it was an allergic reaction to something unknown and so treated with anti-histamines, cortisone injections and antibiotics. Over the space of two weeks the legs and head went down; No more problem. Then two weeks after that, the legs blew up again and she started to scour very badly. in the space of three days she looked like something out of IPLII horror files. The vet was called again and not knowing the cause she was treated with more drugs. After talking with a friend who suggested Maria, I rang her and was told that things were far from good. The drugs had stripped all the bacteria from her system, and Maria had to work over-time to help us save her. It turns out the filly had colitis (which most horses tend to die from) and thanks to Maria and lots of yogurt and manuka honey, we have saved her. It has been a month since Maria first treated this filly and she now has formed manure and is picking up well. I have also used Maria for other problems with horses, and every time I have a success story to tell. 
The best thing of all. Maria treated me for chronic headaches that I was getting every day and needless to say I haven't had a headache in a month. I 
don't know how she does it but it definitely works!'

Angelique Hyde
Christchurch, New Zealand

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Radionics and Homeopathy success

'Maria Kirkman has been taking care of the health problems of myself and my animals for approximately 15 years.
With the use of her radionics machine, she has successfully treated us for many problems. Some of which have been accident situations; before and after dental treatment; before and after surgical operations e.g.: neutering, toxins from chemical spraying, horse colic's, puppy and kitten vaccination.
I have used Homeopathy for many things, including the garden; it is such a gentle method of healing and animals always enjoy the treatment rather than the fear they show when faced with medical drugs and injections. Animals are much wiser than we silly humans and know the difference.
Usually now days I have Maria administer the remedies with the radionics machine. It is usually about twenty minutes and there will be signs that a remedy is working; if there has been no change within twenty four hours I contact Maria and the remedy will be changed.
Recently one of my cats was involved in an early morning cat fight and came home tattered and torn and in deep shock and alas a scratch across the pupil of his eye. Twenty four hours later he was looking pretty normal; but within a few days the eye showed signs of infection, which was very persistent and took three weeks before it started to abate. After several changes of remedy, when the correct remedy was found; healing was very rapid. I expected the cat to lose his vision; it is not 100% but he has some sight and was soon out hunting again, and being his usual naughty self opening cupboards and draws and pulling everything out onto the floor.

Homeopathy will work where ever you are in the world with the use of radionics there is no restriction, and I am confident of it, being my first choice for healing in most situations.'

Coral Boulton,
New Zealand.

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Jesse the Cat - Kidney failure

'Our cat Jesse is 15 years old, 3 years ago she was very sick so we took her to the vet in our local city. He found that she was in a state of kidney failure; he prescribed steroid injections every 2 months. This worked fine for a time, but she began to need them monthly and then she seemed not to respond to them. We were resigned to the fact that she would probably die. We had heard of Maria and so asked her to see what she could do for Jesse; she gave her a treatment of healing (absently I might add) and Jesse was back to her self within in a few days. We only need to ask Maria for a Healing Treatment for Jesse every 3 months or so and that brings her back to good health. Our cat is now living a healthy and happy life thanks to Maria, and of course our Heavenly Father. Along with Jesse we have 5 other cats, 4 goats and 5 sheep which we call on Maria's help for at times. Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending Maria Kirkman to you as a Holistic Therapist.' 

Wayne Lal-Singh
Amberley, New Zealand.

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Homeopathic Vaccination

Over the last six years Maria Kirkman has been of great assistance to my dogs, cat and myself. She is a very gifted homeopath and has helped with: 
Deleting chemical spray toxicity.
Diet advice.
A bitch with a difficult welping and care of her pups.
A nasty eye ulceration from an injury in one of my dogs.
My cat, when a kitten, had acute disentry. Maria helped save his life, he is now five years old and has been in excellent health since.

Maria has also an excellent homeopathic vaccination for cats and dogs. We have used this for the past five years on our dogs, pups and cat. We have found this vaccination to be very effective and helps to keep their immune systems healthy as we travel to many shows from Auckland to Invercargill.

I highly recommend Maria Kirkman

Mary Schell,
Kananook Boxers,
Christchurch, New Zealand.

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