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If this is an emergency then it would be faster to use the Phone Treatment Method.

Please fill out this form First then print out and Fax to me at:  64 33142241

I charge a fee of $90 NZ (Approx $66.50 US) per treatment. This includes remedies and time upto 1 hour.

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Due to the nature of my work I am unable to offer refunds for Healing Treatments.


I will attune to your animal and if I cannot help with a treatment I will not charge your Credit Card.
If this is the case I will send you an email to this effect.


The price advertised may not be the same price charged to the Credit Card account due to exchange rate fluctuations. This means that because we are based in New Zealand, we have to convert your purchase price to New Zealand Dollars at the  exchange rate on the day it is processed. 

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