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Therapies Used

Every effort is made to bring the patients body back into balance as quickly as is possible. Every treatment is tailored to each individual. Some conditions may take one treatment, others may take two or more. When you contact me I will endeavour to give as close an estimate as possible as to how many treatments will be required. If more one is required it may be that external signs of improvement may not be visible until the second treatment. You may also be given a diet or care sheet; if this is not followed it may extend the number of treatments required or cause the reoccurrence of the condition. Both acute and chronic conditions are treated.


The Homeopathic remedies I use have been potentised prior to administering. This is done through a process that both dilutes the amount of the crude substance and increases the amount of energy available in the resulting remedy. Therefore the higher the potency, the stronger the remedy is. Homeopathic remedies are very effective and safe to use and are without risk of side effects. These remedies can be used for treating disorders on the mental, emotional and physical levels, for immunisation against disease in both animals and humans and for acute and chronic conditions. 

I am an Intuitive Homeopath, not a classical homeopath as is usual. I have been using homeopathic remedies in my practice for about thirteen years.


This a system of diagnosis and treatment that permits immediate treatment from long distance using a Radionic Machine. Is is not necessary for the patient to be present.

Flower Essences

These are preparations derived from flowers. They work on the mental, and emotional levels. I use the following flower essence groups:

New Zealand
Australian Wildflowers
Australian Bush Flowers

Energy Healing

This is used for both in person and long distance consultations. This is also known as Absent Healing.


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